Berita Motor: Image of Honda Indonesia on Blogs (Internet) is so Inferior!!!

So many negative comments about honda motor cycle that sold on indonesia (made by Astra Honda Motor Indonesia) was were written on internet, especially on the free web blog. Some comments may not disgrace Honda, but make other competitors (Yamaha, Suzuki & Pulsar) looks better than Honda product.

Hey you Japan Honda, if you can translate these (below) indonesian blogs, you will know why Honda Indonesian sales is dropped  down, less than Yamaha. Visit  the blogs below for your reference:

Some blogger concluded that AHM so far judged Indonesian buyer as fool so they will happilly accept all honda products which is old fashioned technology, low quality product, but too over price. Now they can not be easily fooled by AHM anymore. Honda should make some big changes on their mission and vission. Otherwise, “Honda Makin Ketinggalan….”, Honda Will be forgotten forever left behind.  Just beware of the blog power, man!  Otherwise, Sayonara Honda!!!!

* bener gak ya gw nulisnya…

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3 Responses to “Berita Motor: Image of Honda Indonesia on Blogs (Internet) is so Inferior!!!”

  1. dewo Says:

    Well, let’s see what will be happened after AHM’s panic strategy.

  2. Fadli Reza Says:

    Honestly, i am very disappointed with AHM products, especially honda karisma. There are many complain about this product, but AHM was never cared about it.
    if compared by other competitor in Indonesia (like Yamaha, Suzuki even Indian’s Pulsar), AHM product is very over priced but less in inovation.

    Now, Yamaha sales in Indonesia has increasing dramatically because Indonesian consumer are growing smarter and they have realized that Indonesian honda / AHM’s products has many disadvantages.

  3. motorfluk Says:

    Yamaha and Honda.. What the different ?

    Yamaha cut their motorcycle distribution, so more the price have to be low.
    Honda give their motorcycle distributon to particular company like ADIRA, WAHANA,etc, so it must be expensive.

    Most of Yamaha’s employee is contract base, lately they demo about giving permanent employee status
    Honda is AHM = Astra, they give bonus in the end of year, to the employee 6X sallary, Astra is belong to Indonesian people, do you know the hostory of Indonesia..

    Great selling history gain by Yamaha only in March 2007
    Before month and after month, honda is still the bigest seller (from AISI)

    How about the quality… How about the nasionalisme.. How about wealness.. Are you Indonesian people or just biker mania…

    Is there something wrong with issue about bad Image of Honda..

    Think your self..

    BenDot: I concluded the bad image of honda after reading many comments about Honda on some blogs at

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